Zebrathink - Nature Calls in the Night 
Where zebras come to graze on thoughts

Nature Calls

My dog needs to pea at night. I always hope for a clear sky.

I look at the stars. Billions of galaxies with billions of solar systems full of planets like ours.

It humbles me. I'm unimportant and my problems are miniscule.

Zooming out removes my focus on me. It makes me feel better.

More than 7 billion people live on Earth. We share the same emotions and human experience.

I'm not alone in my worries. Out there, right now, many people are going through the same - or worse.

I feel compassion for them. It makes me feel better.

My life is short and far from perfect.

But, given a choice I'd trade places with none. I'm sure that you feel the same.

Only I can lead my life. I will not complain. It makes me feel better.

My dog is done, we go back in.

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